Park Road Fisheries

Park Road Fisheries

Your business location:

Bingley,  BD16 4JQ

Is your business a restaurant, wholesaler or a fish and chip shop?

Fish and Chip Shop

How long have you been supplied by Collins Seafoods?

9 years

What is the value of Wraggs Seafoods supply to your business?

The  value is in the quality of product you provide week in week out

What services did you originally require from Wraggs Seafoods?

Supply of Fish

What services do Wraggs Seafoods supply to you today?

Supply of fish

Do you find Wraggs Seafoods achieve all of your requirements, in terms of cost, delivery times, promotions etc?

My requirements is the supply of good quality fish at the right price which you do achieve

Would you recommend Wraggs Seafoods to others? If so, why?

Yes due to the excellent  service Kevin gives me and the quality of product supplied

Are there any services Wraggs Seafoods doesn’t currently supply that you wished it did?


Have you received good feedback on the quality of the products Wraggs Seafoods supply to you? 

Customer feedback is always positive

Have you anything to add about Wraggs Seafoods sales team, management or services?

Kevin as given me a first class service over the past 9 years



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