Shaws Fish and Chips Ltd

Shaws Fish and Chips Ltd

Where Are you based?

Barnsley, South Yorkshire

What type of business do you have?

Fish and chip takeaway

How long have you been supplied by Wraggs Seafoods?

2 years

What is the value of Wraggs Seafoods supply to your business?

Average £2-3000 per week

What services did you originally require from Wraggs Seafoods?

Frozen at sea MSC certified cod

What services do Wraggs Seafoods supply to you today?

Frozen at sea MSC certified cod

Do you find Wraggs Seafoods achieve all of your requirements, in terms of cost, delivery times, promotions etc?


Would you recommend Wraggs Seafoods to others? If so, why?

Yes. Very helpful and proactive team that take the orders ensure we have a constant supply of high quality cod

Are there any services Wraggs Seafoods doesn’t currently supply that you wished it did?


Have you received good feedback on the quality of the products Wraggs Seafoods supply to you? 


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